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What do the Decibelles sing?
Collegiate a cappella is not limited to a single genre, and the Decibelles are no exception. Check out our REPERTOIRE page for a list of songs that we currently sing or have sung in the recent past.

Who are the Decibelles looking for?
While the size of the Decibelles fluctuates, we typically maintain around 14-18 members. Any certain musical experience is not a prerequisite to audition. Many of our past members' experiences prior to auditioning have included some of the following: concert choirs, shower singing, vocal jazz, opera, musical theater, dance, rap, windows down car singers, instrumental band, and vocal percussion.

What is the time commitment of being in the Decibelles?

The group generally conducts rehearsals three times a week for two hours, typically on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings. Ultimately, academics come first for our members, but Decibelles is definitely a priority.

When and where are auditions for the Decibelles?
Check back soon for more information about Fall 2022 auditions!

How should I prepare for auditions/callbacks?

Come to auditions with a solo prepared that best showcases your beautiful voice! We will first run through some scales to warm you up and test your range, then you'll do some pitch-matching and blending exercises, and finally you will sing your solo! The whole audition only 5-8 minutes and we want it to be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. If you are called back for the final round of auditions, we ask that you prepare a different solo so we can hear you sing a new song. We will teach you one of our arrangements and you will perform it with different members of the group and other auditionees.

I have a
     ...water polo semi-final tournament
     ...third cousin's boyfriend's sister's wedding
     ...Week 2 Chem 6 midterm
during auditions, but I really want to be in the Decibelles. What do I do?

No worries! We want you to support your club water polo team/distant extended family/GPA; blitz us at to schedule an alternate audition time.

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